Computer Science and Engineering – BSc

Chalmers University of Technology

Thesis involved using Zigbee development boards to explore the use of sensor networks using the Freescale Zigbee C SDK to finally develop a simple reaction game aimed at children.

Networks & Distributed Systems – (MSc incomplete, no thesis)

Chalmers University of Technology

Deeper studies focusing on Anetworking protocols, their use, distributed algorithms, wireless networks, computer security, network security and network design. Pursued a career instead of a thesis.


Applied Data Science Camp

Combient Mix Learning - 2023

Studied applied data science with a focus on machine learning, modelling and computer vision. The course finished with a group project with various members from across the organisation focused on computer vision and multiclass identification, with a report detailing the performance and project work.

Leadership Course

Prové - 2020

This leadership course was held by Prové for Chalmers. The course started before the pandemic caused a significant delay of the course schedule. I enjoyed the course content and the course participants. My view on leadership was mostly confirmed by getting a lot of the theoretical aspects explained and discussed.

Utbildning för Utbildare (Education for educators)

Framfot - 2019

A short three-day course summarising common approaches to holding short seminars internally at Chalmers. I appreciated learning tools and methods to utilise when bringing new technology or introducing new workflows the team.